Wednesday, 21 September 2016

6 Powerful Ways to Select the Best Equity Trading Company

Read hundreds of books on trading, ask the successful investors for the best of tips, and pray all you want- equity market will still remain volatile and a risky investment avenue for you if you’re a new investor. And perhaps this is why nearly every one agrees, venturing this path for the first time with no professional by the side is nothing short of a suicide mission. Well that unless, of course, you’re filthy rich and don’t care about your financial losses.

trading company in Kolkata

So to help you put your best foot forward in this undertaking, here are 6 winning ways to select the right trading company in Kolkata, India-

Know their extent of services

The extent of the financial services in Kolkata of brokerage firms range. Some offer just the order-entry, while there are those who also offer stock quotes, investment news, research tools and other custom tools. Know your requirement and then choose accordingly.

The main role you want your broker to play

Do you want to call all the buying and selling shots or want your broker to help you make the right decisions. If it’s the former one, discount brokers will save you bucks; for the later one, full service brokerage service is required. But since you’re a beginner, full-service is the way to go.

Gauge their market reputation

No surprise here- a equity trading companies in India with higher market reputation offers better services and is more reliable. So see their digital presence, the client types, past record, and other market factors to come with a rating on their reputation.

Look at their network

A brokerage firm with a big, wide network suggests a better market reputation and assure for wide and efficient services. So see how many sub-brokers they employ, number of locations they are located at and so forth.  

Take a look at their research report

Many firms offer personalized research reports to their clients; ask for this report before you finalize on anyone. See if you understand it; if it includes all the necessary information that you require and if the brokers help you understand it if you’re encountering some problem.

Ask unexpected and uncommon questions

Ask many questions to the broker; and not just the usual stuffs but also the not-so-common questions. Don’t be predictable with your questions and concerns; be unexpected. For this, face-to-face meeting with the broker is always preferred over talking over phones, texts and Skype.

These are the 6 easy and powerful ways to screen multiple trading companies to pick the best one. So now you know, so go ahead, get going!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5 Ways to Detect a Fraud Loan Scheme… Like A Pro

We have all received that one call or email where we’re offered a big business loan at a time when we least expect them. For those oblivious to massive loan frauds going on the global scene, such calls or emails are simply too good to resist. And unsurprisingly, most of them- if not all- end up getting broke.

Skepticism has now set in for many new entrepreneurs for who even the genuine schemes of business loan Kolkata and in Delhi looks like a con job. Sorting what’s right and what’s not is important if you’re in the quest to launch your startup.
financial services kolkata

Here are 5 winning ways to spot a fraud loan scheme like a pro-

It sounds too good to be true

They’re offering you a loan of Rs 10 Lakhs with zero interest rate, no annual fee, and with no late payment penalty—this sounds too good to be true; well, that of course unless you’re dealing directly with an angel here.

A simple Google search doesn’t yield flowering result-

Who sent you that mail or called you? What is that company’s name? How reputable are they in the market? These are few curious questions about your to-be-lender. However, even the mighty Google have no answer to these.

Brick and mortar existence is absent

This company is giving you a big business loan Kolkata or in Delhi, it ought to have a physical presence. A decent working registered office, located right in India (in fact, right in your state). Do you they gave you the address? 

You’re asked to pay huge amount right upfront

The company asks you to pay a lump sum amount right upfront; as a security deposit, maybe? Now why the genuine ones would do that! Don’t they know you’re short on money and that’s why you’re applying for loan in the first place?!

It’s too damn easy (!!!)

Getting loans is still a tad complex. However the company tells you that you’re going to get the amount in next 2-days by just providing your name, email and bank details. No KYC information is needed and your credit history is not checked. FRAUD!

These are the 5 simple and evident signs that you’re dealing with a fraudster and not a real financial company. At time like this, don’t reply back. If they continue bothering, file a formal complaint against them. There are strict laws to put such people behind the bars.

Need business loan, looking for a stock broker in Kolkata, or doing anything that involves money- do a thorough search (both offline and online), ask for recommendations, weigh the market reputation these companies enjoy and see their past record. Be careful of every aspect before you take any step further. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pitching For Business Loan in Mumbai- 5 Ways to Prepare

Thousands of entrepreneurs pitch their supposedly million-dollar ideas to financial institutions every day. But only a handful of them actually get their loans granted. Why? The major reason is not because their business idea sucks, but rather their pitching attempt was unconvincing.

If you’re about to approach a financial company for business loan in Mumbai, you must be prepared to make a winning impression on the interviewer and get your needs granted like a pro. Here’s how to do that…
business loans in mumbai

Have a well-prepared business plan

You won’t be granted loan unless you have a viable business plan that scopes out the step of scaling and sustaining the business. So map a business plan, like the steps you’re going to take to grow your business, the time it would take and so forth.

“Till when you think you can repay the amount?” Have a clear answer to this question

The financial company would want to know till when you’re going to return their money back. So have a definite answer to this. Don’t be vague. Structure out your company’s sources of income and the part that’s going to be portioned-out to repay the loan.

 Sort out your personal finance

Your own personal financial standing is going to play a major role in getting loan for your business. So sort out your finances- the cash you have, the money in your bank account, the assets you own and so forth.  

Have all the required documents by your side

Head on to the website of financial company you’re approaching for loan, or contact them directly, to know about all the paperwork that is involved in the whole process. On the interview day, come prepared with all the required documents.

Display that you know well about your target customers

Although your business plan (point #1) would include about your target customers, you might be asked individually about them. So be prepared with decent information about your prospects and customers, and at what pace your consumer market is growing.

Be fully prepared when pitching for business loan in Mumbai to the financial company to improve the chances of getting your loan granted.

Also, to reduce the hassle and high interest rate, avoid going to traditional banks. There are many independent financial companies who you should approach. These companies, aside providing loans, also offer the range of services of investment banker, stock broker in Mumbai and more. These wide range of services along with years of experience vouches their credibility, which subsequently assures for smooth dealing and better assistance.