Monday, 21 November 2016

5 Small Investment Social Business Ideas That Can Make BIG Impact

With entrepreneurial bug feeding big on young population’s aspirations today, it isn’t really surprising that you want to venture your own small investment business in Mumbai, Delhi, and other metro cities.

Surprising would be, if you didn’t!

However, if you’re looking to make an impact on people’s lives, barely would a clothing or stationery business help you there.

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Here are 5 social business ideas that requires less investment and also help make lives better-

Recycling and waste management

The need for recycling and proper waste management has never been this important before. The world is more conscious about environment and the topic of sustainable growth is at the epicenter. The business can’t fail you to make an impact on society.

Teaching institute

Help the next generation of game-changers. Start a teaching institute; provide education to less privileged at low or no fee.

Selling books

Start a bookstore (that’s how Amazon was started btw). Sell second hand books, and books that are of social importance. Make sure they are priced cheap and are accessible to the ones who needs them. You can even venture your own library. 

Full-fledged gym

Help people live healthier and happier life. Start a full-fledged gym; have all the equipment; arrange for good trainers. Ensure whether women, men and even kids, all are having fun. 

Advertising agency

Advertising agencies play more important role than what’s traditionally believed; particularly in this digital importance. The right kind of ads with correct social message can easily reach to the target audience much quicker and have much deeper impact.

These are 5 simple ideas for small investment business in Mumbai that has social and wide impact on people’s lives.

Need capital? Today raising fund or getting loan is much easier. You can find many good financial service providers in the country; service providers that offer currency trading, brokering service and business loans all under the same roof. Lookout for suck financial company.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

6 Powerful Ways to Select the Best Equity Trading Company

Read hundreds of books on trading, ask the successful investors for the best of tips, and pray all you want- equity market will still remain volatile and a risky investment avenue for you if you’re a new investor. And perhaps this is why nearly every one agrees, venturing this path for the first time with no professional by the side is nothing short of a suicide mission. Well that unless, of course, you’re filthy rich and don’t care about your financial losses.

trading company in Kolkata

So to help you put your best foot forward in this undertaking, here are 6 winning ways to select the right trading company in Kolkata, India-

Know their extent of services

The extent of the financial services in Kolkata of brokerage firms range. Some offer just the order-entry, while there are those who also offer stock quotes, investment news, research tools and other custom tools. Know your requirement and then choose accordingly.

The main role you want your broker to play

Do you want to call all the buying and selling shots or want your broker to help you make the right decisions. If it’s the former one, discount brokers will save you bucks; for the later one, full service brokerage service is required. But since you’re a beginner, full-service is the way to go.

Gauge their market reputation

No surprise here- a equity trading companies in India with higher market reputation offers better services and is more reliable. So see their digital presence, the client types, past record, and other market factors to come with a rating on their reputation.

Look at their network

A brokerage firm with a big, wide network suggests a better market reputation and assure for wide and efficient services. So see how many sub-brokers they employ, number of locations they are located at and so forth.  

Take a look at their research report

Many firms offer personalized research reports to their clients; ask for this report before you finalize on anyone. See if you understand it; if it includes all the necessary information that you require and if the brokers help you understand it if you’re encountering some problem.

Ask unexpected and uncommon questions

Ask many questions to the broker; and not just the usual stuffs but also the not-so-common questions. Don’t be predictable with your questions and concerns; be unexpected. For this, face-to-face meeting with the broker is always preferred over talking over phones, texts and Skype.

These are the 6 easy and powerful ways to screen multiple trading companies to pick the best one. So now you know, so go ahead, get going!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5 Ways to Detect a Fraud Loan Scheme… Like A Pro

We have all received that one call or email where we’re offered a big business loan at a time when we least expect them. For those oblivious to massive loan frauds going on the global scene, such calls or emails are simply too good to resist. And unsurprisingly, most of them- if not all- end up getting broke.

Skepticism has now set in for many new entrepreneurs for who even the genuine schemes of business loan Kolkata and in Delhi looks like a con job. Sorting what’s right and what’s not is important if you’re in the quest to launch your startup.
financial services kolkata

Here are 5 winning ways to spot a fraud loan scheme like a pro-

It sounds too good to be true

They’re offering you a loan of Rs 10 Lakhs with zero interest rate, no annual fee, and with no late payment penalty—this sounds too good to be true; well, that of course unless you’re dealing directly with an angel here.

A simple Google search doesn’t yield flowering result-

Who sent you that mail or called you? What is that company’s name? How reputable are they in the market? These are few curious questions about your to-be-lender. However, even the mighty Google have no answer to these.

Brick and mortar existence is absent

This company is giving you a big business loan Kolkata or in Delhi, it ought to have a physical presence. A decent working registered office, located right in India (in fact, right in your state). Do you they gave you the address? 

You’re asked to pay huge amount right upfront

The company asks you to pay a lump sum amount right upfront; as a security deposit, maybe? Now why the genuine ones would do that! Don’t they know you’re short on money and that’s why you’re applying for loan in the first place?!

It’s too damn easy (!!!)

Getting loans is still a tad complex. However the company tells you that you’re going to get the amount in next 2-days by just providing your name, email and bank details. No KYC information is needed and your credit history is not checked. FRAUD!

These are the 5 simple and evident signs that you’re dealing with a fraudster and not a real financial company. At time like this, don’t reply back. If they continue bothering, file a formal complaint against them. There are strict laws to put such people behind the bars.

Need business loan, looking for a stock broker in Kolkata, or doing anything that involves money- do a thorough search (both offline and online), ask for recommendations, weigh the market reputation these companies enjoy and see their past record. Be careful of every aspect before you take any step further. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pitching For Business Loan in Mumbai- 5 Ways to Prepare

Thousands of entrepreneurs pitch their supposedly million-dollar ideas to financial institutions every day. But only a handful of them actually get their loans granted. Why? The major reason is not because their business idea sucks, but rather their pitching attempt was unconvincing.

If you’re about to approach a financial company for business loan in Mumbai, you must be prepared to make a winning impression on the interviewer and get your needs granted like a pro. Here’s how to do that…
business loans in mumbai

Have a well-prepared business plan

You won’t be granted loan unless you have a viable business plan that scopes out the step of scaling and sustaining the business. So map a business plan, like the steps you’re going to take to grow your business, the time it would take and so forth.

“Till when you think you can repay the amount?” Have a clear answer to this question

The financial company would want to know till when you’re going to return their money back. So have a definite answer to this. Don’t be vague. Structure out your company’s sources of income and the part that’s going to be portioned-out to repay the loan.

 Sort out your personal finance

Your own personal financial standing is going to play a major role in getting loan for your business. So sort out your finances- the cash you have, the money in your bank account, the assets you own and so forth.  

Have all the required documents by your side

Head on to the website of financial company you’re approaching for loan, or contact them directly, to know about all the paperwork that is involved in the whole process. On the interview day, come prepared with all the required documents.

Display that you know well about your target customers

Although your business plan (point #1) would include about your target customers, you might be asked individually about them. So be prepared with decent information about your prospects and customers, and at what pace your consumer market is growing.

Be fully prepared when pitching for business loan in Mumbai to the financial company to improve the chances of getting your loan granted.

Also, to reduce the hassle and high interest rate, avoid going to traditional banks. There are many independent financial companies who you should approach. These companies, aside providing loans, also offer the range of services of investment banker, stock broker in Mumbai and more. These wide range of services along with years of experience vouches their credibility, which subsequently assures for smooth dealing and better assistance. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How Does Investment Banking Companies Help?

Most businesses start small before eventually expanding and turning into a large corporation. Once a company has grown into a powerhouse corporation with rich assets and a lot of capital for investing, the next logical step would be to enter investment banking.

financial services companies in Mumbai

Investment Banking Vs Normal Banks

Unlike normal banks, investment banking neither accepts deposits nor gives out loans. Investment banking companies in India services those corporations and businesses that require guidance and advice in figuring out the next step towards growing their business. Not just business owners, but these companies provide consultancy services to government officials as well as private institutions.

It also offers its services to help in mergers, acquisition and in the management of assets in a wise manner. In addition, it helps to raise capital through the sale of IPO and corporate securities.

The world of finance is a maze with tricky twists and turns. Investment banking companies through their experience and expertise guide clients to safely solve that puzzle.

Choose an Investment Bank with Care

It is crucial to choose an investment bank with a lot of delicate care because during important decisions such as trading securities, mergers and capital growth, businesses would have to rely upon the expertise of professionals who know what they're doing. The counsel provided by investment banks at such junctures is vital to the health of the business organization.

If you want to become one of the bigwigs of the corporate world, sooner or later you are going to need some expert advocate adept in financial services in Mumbai. The services of an excellent financial consultant is going to come in handy because to raise or grow capital, you would have to make investments and to make intelligent investments, there has to be a guiding force steering you towards making the right choices and preventing you from getting lost in the puzzle.

Monday, 18 July 2016

13 Questions to Ask the Investment Bankers before Finalizing On Any One

Selecting companies that offer investment banking in India is not as easy as it once was, given there exists too many of them.

But since this could probably be the biggest step for your company- approaching an investment banker, which can potentially steer your business towards or away from success- significant amount of time must be spent on screening them and picking only the best one. After all, these are the people who will pillar-up the financial structure of your company and sustain it.

investment banks in Kolkata

Here are 13 important questions to ask the potential investment banks in Kolkata- and assess their answers- before finalizing on any one:

(“Your” “You” refers to the investment banker/bank; “I” “me” “we” refers to you and your company)
  1. What kind of industries do you specialize in?
  2. What is your biggest USP that sets you apart from other investment banks?
  3. Why should I TRUST you with my company’s finance?
  4. How many clients have you served from my industry?
  5. Where do you see my industry heading in the next 5 years?
  6. In past 3 years, how many deals you FAILED to close and why?
  7. What’s your average time to close a deal?
  8. What’s the largest size of firm you’ve had experience working with?
  9. What’s the largest transaction you have completed in any industry?
  10. Who would be the first few people, companies, or institutions you would go to for funds?
  11. Can you provide some references of recent time clients?
  12. Give me an overview, how much will be the approximate valuation of my company?
  13. What is your fee structure?

Answer to these 13 important questions will give you substantial information about the your potential investment banking companies in Mumbai, or anywhere for that matter; like their experience, expertise, work potential, and should you trust them or not.

It will ease up your whole screening process and help you choose the best professionals that offer investment banking in India.

So don’t sit mum the next time you’re in front of an investment banker. Keep busy, keep smart with these questions.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Significant Role of Investment Banking For Startups in Kolkata

The startup scene is thriving in India. But so is the competition in this space. And this makes it significant that new entrepreneurs, irrespective of their niche, outsource the services of investment banking to make the most sane and efficient financial decisions and moves.

Confused how investment banking can and will really help you? Or what is their exact role or function? Here are few important ways they play messiah for new (and old) businesses.

When you decide to take it public… they underwrite

One of the biggest functions of investment banks in Kolkata is to underwrite shares and bond. In the Initial Public Offering (IPO) they do a complete valuation of their client’s company and they underwrite the shares and bonds accordingly. If the valuation is high, they usually syndicate with other investment banks and arrange for the required capital. 

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They also act as an intermediary between the clients and stock exchange. 

When financially confused… they advise

Every business faces some kind of financial obstacle on the journey- some more than others. Investment bankers in Kolkata extend their services and offer their expert advice to their clients during dark times. What type of securities to purchase, what types to sell, what kind of assets to invest in and from who to stay away from. With their advice, they pillar-up the financial structure of the companies and shorten their span of ‘downturn period.’ 

During merger and acquisition… they represent (the clients)

To raise capital with mergers and acquisition, the investment banks in Kolkata represents their clients. They contact the bidders on the clients’ behalf, coordinate and negotiate with them and then finalize the deal. They also work at the legal-end of such merger and acquisition, ensuring their clients faces no legal obstructions and the whole process is rather smooth.

Their other services include merchant banking, researching and risk management.

Tap on the professional banking services in Kolkata

Today you will find many investment bankers in Kolkata and across India. All you have to do is conduct a thorough research to pick a right one who serves your specific industry. They are more than happy to help you scale your business. You just have to be prepared with a winning answer to “why investment banking?”

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How Can Depository Service Providing Companies Help You?

Depository services India firms are regulated by two authoritative bodies managed by the government, the Central Depository and Securities Limited (CDSL) and the National Securities and Depository Limited (NSDL). All the depository services, banks and financial institutes in India are controlled by these two organizations. Due to the modernization and liberalization of the Indian economy and the share markets, any individual with a valid PAN (Permanent Account Number) can have a depository account in his name. As an investor, you can get the following benefits from a firm that offers depository services in India.

Statements and records

You can get records of the transactions and statements of the complete securities. The tips and guidance offered by financial experts can be extremely useful as you can easily get confused and lose your way in the world of investments given that there are numerous investment plans available. Each of the plans looks better than another. It is only with the help of an expert that you can judge the scene.

Various financial services

You can get a wide variety of financial services, such as information about the cost of shares and securities, periodic updates regarding stock market conditions, banking through SMS, internet banking facilities, quicker banking facilities and more. A company that primarily focuses in depository services can help you a lot in maintaining your accounts. You can get effective guidance regarding proper investment plans, which is important if you are a small business financing India Company. This can make your profits go up and even if you suffer any losses, they will typically be small.

Financial tips and ideas

You can also get tips and ideas regarding which of the shares will be more lucrative, and also the shares that you should put your money on. Each and every investor wants to save enough to ensure a safer future. This is more important for people who want to invest on a long or short-term investment plan. With companies that offer depository services you can get complete guidance and understand which of the stocks will work better for you and earn you greater profits.

With a good company which offers depository services, you will be able to open as well as manage various bank accounts and also specialize in sound investing decisions. You can expect handsome returns on your investments and even the losses that you make can be reduced to a minimum.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Depository Services in India for Non-Resident Indians

Making investments in the financial market in India can be very profitable. It has assisted many individuals to generate extra income for themselves and get a better quality of life. Many non-resident Indians or NRIs have understood the advantages of making investments in the financial market of their home country. They have woken up to the profitability of making investments in the markets in India. Due to this reason, NRIs are seeking depository services in India these days. If you are an NRI, you have to keep the following things in mind before availing such kinds of services.

Rules and regulations

In India, depository services come with a specific set of rules and guidelines. Anyone who wishes to invest any money in the Indian market has to abide by some rules and guidelines. There are some specific rules set for non-resident Indians and they have to satisfy these rules and norms prior to making any financial transactions. Any non-resident Indian who wishes to sell of a specific share has to also buy some other thing on the same day, and not delay the procedure. An NRI cannot buy a share and then transfer or gift it to another resident or non-resident Indian through any financial companies in India without getting permission beforehand from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

You need a PINS account

If you want to get advantages from the depository services meant for NRIs, you have to set up a PINS account. It is a permission that is mandatory for non resident Indians in order to execute transactions and trading activities in the stock markets in India. Just one bank has the authority to manage all the transactions carried out under the PINS account. According to RBI-stated guidelines and rules, NRIs need to maintain a separate PINS account. They cannot execute any personal transactions through this type of account.

You have to submit all the essential documents

In case you want to begin availing depository services in the country as a non-resident Indian, you have to furnish some important documents, which include your passport, overseas address proof, OCI/PIO cards, PAN cards as well as a power of attorney in your broker name. The broker will be the one you have assigned to manage the buying and selling of your bank shares. The RBI is strict about the papers submitted for non-resident Indian PINS accounts and the financial transactions.

Monday, 21 March 2016

3 Types of Financial Service Providers to Choose From

Financial service providers are hired in order to assist clients with various assistive services such as financial planning. The kind of financial provider you hire will depend on the kind of financial services that you need. These are 3 types of financial service providers that you need to choose from for financial services India.

Financial Planner

A financial planner is who you should go for in order to plan your investments long-term. You can plan your long-term financial objectives with this type of provider. They know which type of financial product can be assistive for you, whether retirement savings, insurance requirements, estate and tax planning or debt control. You can get full assistance in planning from these professionals, from generating income immediately to making long-term financial plans.

Investment Advisers

They offer simple advice about securities and manage investment portfolios on your behalf. Advisers work with stock broker agencies and research and advisory firms in India in order to make purchase and sale decisions. Unlike stockbrokers, investment advisers are responsible to clients and have to put their interests before their own. You may recruit an investment adviser who does not trade without obtaining your permission or opt for one who acts out of his own discretion and trades without getting your permission but for your best interests.

Stock Brokers

They purchase and sell securities on behalf of their customers. Stockbrokers have experience and knowledge of the stock market so as to be able to assist clients wisely and help them in generating income and revenues. They make most of their income by way of commissions, and do not necessarily have to give precedence to your interests. You should remember that stock brokers with good reputation are the ones to go for, as the risks of getting unsound advice is less with them. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Applying for Loan for Small Business – 3 Things to Remember

If you are planning to set up a small business, a startup loan is what you will need in order to ensure the success of your business. You can find many lenders in the market which provide small businesses with these loans and have different types of loan requirements for borrowers. Prior to applying for a loan for small business in Mumbai, it is important for you to do the following 3 things.

Check The Eligibility Criterion

Make sure that find out whether or not you are eligible for applying for this kind of loan. Each lender has a specific set of criteria for approving borrowers. Your credit history will be checked in order to ensure that you are qualified. In case of any discrepancy, it is quite possible that your application will not be approved. Make sure that your credit balance is a minimum of 20 – 30% of your total credit limit for obtaining the approval from the lending organization.

Check Your Debt – Income Ratio

You also need to supervise your debt to income ratio. The income should be greater than your debt amount. In case the income is lower than the debt amount you are supposed to repay, there is likelihood that the lender might reject your application for the loan. This is not something that you would want.

Prepare an Appropriate Loan Package

Prior to applying for a startup loan from any of the financial services in Mumbai Company you should prepare the right loan package in a proper manner. The type of package that you prepare should consist of executive summary, the business plan that you have and also the proper monetary projection of the previous 4 – 5 years. You should also keep in mind that you should add concrete proof of registration for your business along with the loan application.