Monday, 21 November 2016

5 Small Investment Social Business Ideas That Can Make BIG Impact

With entrepreneurial bug feeding big on young population’s aspirations today, it isn’t really surprising that you want to venture your own small investment business in Mumbai, Delhi, and other metro cities.

Surprising would be, if you didn’t!

However, if you’re looking to make an impact on people’s lives, barely would a clothing or stationery business help you there.

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Here are 5 social business ideas that requires less investment and also help make lives better-

Recycling and waste management

The need for recycling and proper waste management has never been this important before. The world is more conscious about environment and the topic of sustainable growth is at the epicenter. The business can’t fail you to make an impact on society.

Teaching institute

Help the next generation of game-changers. Start a teaching institute; provide education to less privileged at low or no fee.

Selling books

Start a bookstore (that’s how Amazon was started btw). Sell second hand books, and books that are of social importance. Make sure they are priced cheap and are accessible to the ones who needs them. You can even venture your own library. 

Full-fledged gym

Help people live healthier and happier life. Start a full-fledged gym; have all the equipment; arrange for good trainers. Ensure whether women, men and even kids, all are having fun. 

Advertising agency

Advertising agencies play more important role than what’s traditionally believed; particularly in this digital importance. The right kind of ads with correct social message can easily reach to the target audience much quicker and have much deeper impact.

These are 5 simple ideas for small investment business in Mumbai that has social and wide impact on people’s lives.

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