Wednesday, 21 September 2016

6 Powerful Ways to Select the Best Equity Trading Company

Read hundreds of books on trading, ask the successful investors for the best of tips, and pray all you want- equity market will still remain volatile and a risky investment avenue for you if you’re a new investor. And perhaps this is why nearly every one agrees, venturing this path for the first time with no professional by the side is nothing short of a suicide mission. Well that unless, of course, you’re filthy rich and don’t care about your financial losses.

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So to help you put your best foot forward in this undertaking, here are 6 winning ways to select the right trading company in Kolkata, India-

Know their extent of services

The extent of the financial services in Kolkata of brokerage firms range. Some offer just the order-entry, while there are those who also offer stock quotes, investment news, research tools and other custom tools. Know your requirement and then choose accordingly.

The main role you want your broker to play

Do you want to call all the buying and selling shots or want your broker to help you make the right decisions. If it’s the former one, discount brokers will save you bucks; for the later one, full service brokerage service is required. But since you’re a beginner, full-service is the way to go.

Gauge their market reputation

No surprise here- a equity trading companies in India with higher market reputation offers better services and is more reliable. So see their digital presence, the client types, past record, and other market factors to come with a rating on their reputation.

Look at their network

A brokerage firm with a big, wide network suggests a better market reputation and assure for wide and efficient services. So see how many sub-brokers they employ, number of locations they are located at and so forth.  

Take a look at their research report

Many firms offer personalized research reports to their clients; ask for this report before you finalize on anyone. See if you understand it; if it includes all the necessary information that you require and if the brokers help you understand it if you’re encountering some problem.

Ask unexpected and uncommon questions

Ask many questions to the broker; and not just the usual stuffs but also the not-so-common questions. Don’t be predictable with your questions and concerns; be unexpected. For this, face-to-face meeting with the broker is always preferred over talking over phones, texts and Skype.

These are the 6 easy and powerful ways to screen multiple trading companies to pick the best one. So now you know, so go ahead, get going!


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